TKO-äly's Harassment Contact Persons

Minja Hietanen
minj4 @ telegram
Niko Paasiniemi
kasienheiluttelija @ telegram
Atte Martikainen
mardicaine @ telegram
Bryn Sloan
Alehound @ telegram

Harassment contact persons are always ready to listen to those who have experienced or witnessed harassment, track feedback regarding TKO-äly's events and give guidance to and help people in situations that involve harassment, inequality or a bad atmosphere. Harassment contact persons inform TKO-äly's board regarding possible problems with the permission of the person involved.

In addition to TKO-äly's own harassment contact persons, you can also contact Matlu's or HYY's harassment contact persons.

You can reach all harassment contact persons by e-mail at hairintayhdyshenkilo(at)

TKO-äly's safer space principles

Equality, diversity and accessibility at the University